Announcements for 1/23

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January 16 Announcements

1. If you would like to give toward our ministry, you can visit Connect with us today by clicking here!

2. Our Ladies Bible Study group has begun meeting again. They meet here at the church from 9:00a-10:00a on Saturdays. They are studying through the Sermon on the Mount out of Matthew 5-7.

3. Family Blessing Night is just 3 weeks away already on February 13. The sign up sheet is at the Welcome Center. AND if any kids up through age 18 want to quote a Bible verse that night, Pastor Gore has graciously offered to give each child a silver dollar. This is a night to hear from each other, to learn more about each other, and to appreciate the gifts and talents that God has given us. We’d love for you to sign up at the WC today or in the next few weeks.

4. Tonight, the teens will be meeting starting at 5:30. The main evening service will start at 6:00p with Pastor Chris continuing in 2 Timothy. WE PLAN TO HAVE A SPECIAL BUSINESS MEETING TONIGHT TO DISCUSS SOME RECENT FINANCIAL UPDATES TO THE LIGHTING PROJECT.