AWANA Cash Payments

Use when paying cash for items on site

Breakdown of Cost


Registration is $0.50 per child per week, OR $16.00 per child for the entire club year. Dues help to cover the cost of our AWANA Program. Families with 3 or more children pay a maximum of $40.00 for Registration for the whole year (this does not include the cost of books, vests, etc., only the Registration costs).


Book: $12.00

Bag: $7.00

Vest: $12.00


Book: $12.00

Bag: $7.00

Vest: $12.00

Truth and Training

Regular Book: $12.00

Essentials Book: $6.00 (please contact us before purchasing this book)

Bag: $13.00

Shirt: $17.00


Book: $11.00

Bag: $14.00

Shirt: $15.00

Add up the totals from the information above and submit your payment using the form below.