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Connection Classes

Sunday mornings at 9:30a

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Current List of Classes

THE BOOK OF JAMES - Taught by Skyler Nemier - The book of James is the most practical book in the New Testament, but it is not without it's difficult passages. For instance, what does James mean when he says "by works a man is justified, and not by faith only." Why did Martin Luther call James, "an epistle of straw...for it has nothing of the nature of the gospel about it?" Join us as we explore what James has to say about topics like a Christian's speech, gaining wisdom, the relation between works and faith, a Christian's response to trials, and much more.

DISCIPLE-SHIFT - Taught by Forrest Dostaler - Jesus commissioned all believers to evangelize the lost, and disciple new believers. This class teaches practical, Biblical steps to gaining confidence in sharing your faith, as well as shifting to the “What’s next?” in witnessing.

BASICS TO BIBLE STUDY - Taught by Pastor Dale - In this class, we will dive into the basics of Bible Study by establishing a definition to work with, going over principles to approach the Bible with, as well as a break down of different writing genre's found in the Bible, and keys to studying the Old and New Testament.

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