Connection Groups

Age specific groups to get connected with the people at our church.

Join a Connection Group

Life is always better in groups. The best way to "connect", meet friends, and get involved at OCBC is by joining in on our Connection Groups. These groups are formed around the various stages of life that we all find ourselves in throughout our lives. Every Sunday morning, and at other times throughout the month, you can find a sense of belonging, friendship, understanding, and community with others just like you! We invite you to join in to our Connection Groups!

Kids Connections

Sunday Mornings

  • Nursery (Age 0-2)
  • Beginners (Age 3-4)
  • Pre-Primaries (Age 4-5)
  • Primaries (Grades 1-3)
  • Juniors (Grades 4-6)
  • Children's Church and Junior Church

Wednesday Nights

  • AWANA Clubs (Age 3-Grade 6)

Teen Connections

412teens - Grades 7-12

  • Sunday 9:45am and 6:00pm
  • Exciting activities all year long!
  • TREK - (Grades 7-8) Wednesday nights at 6:00pm

Adult Connections

Life Builders - This class is directed toward post high school and college aged single adults, and is taught by Skyler Nemier. Topics and studies will focus around building a vibrant faith that withstands the onslaughts of assaults that come from a hostile environment with specific applications to developing and maturing your faith as you establish your life and career.

Home Builders - This class is directed toward young couples and those who still have children at home, and is taught by Pastor Chris. Topics and studies will highlight Bible principles that help parents and adults build a home that honors God.

Legacy Builders - This class is directed to all adults and is taught by Pastor Curry. These lessons will equip you with a faith that is readily passed on to others by leaving its mark and making a difference in the lives of family and friends. Special emphasis will be given toward maturing and developing your faith so that you have the spiritual tools necessary to "teach others also".

Sweet Monday Ladies Fellowship - Monthly Ladies meeting emphasizing mentoring, ministry, and service to others utilizing the talents and abilities of our OCBC ladies.

Men's Prayer Breakfast - Monthly men's fellowship emphasizing the need for men as strong leaders in both the home, the church, and the community.

M & M's (Mature and Motivated) - Coming soon! Be looking for details to be announced shortly!

Men's and Women's Bible Studies - Women Thursday @10:00am | Men Saturday @ 8:30am

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