Pensacola Christian College Trip

April 9-13 for 9th-12th Graders. Click here to find the details or make a donation.

Pensacola Christian College Trip

Our 412teens are going places in 2019!


We are firm and firsthand believers in the importance of Christian education. Ashley and I both graduated from Christian college and traveled for 2 full years as representatives encouraging teens all across the country to pursue Christian college. The single best way to get a feel for a college is by visiting the campus. Nothing can replace that experience.

With this in mind, we are planning a college trip to visit Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida during the second week of April. (We are currently keeping the dates flexible while watching the airline prices, but are specifically looking at April 9th-13th.)

We currently have 3 teens and 2 adults going on the trip.


At this time, the estimated cost of the trip is between $550-$650 plus food expenses during travel. Once on campus, our meals and activities will be included with our accommodations.

We understand that this is a big commitment, but we also know the benefits of high schoolers visiting a Christian campus. We are planning to offset the cost over the next few months with some opportunities for the teens to earn money toward the trip. The money raised will go specifically to those that participate in the opportunities. Click the card just below to hire a teen to complete a task or job in exchange for a donation toward their cost of the college trip.

Once on campus, the teens will be staying in the college residence halls, typically one teen per room with college students. This gives them opportunity to ask questions and meet college students with various majors. During our stay, we will tour the college, sit in on classes that are specific to the teens’ interests, have opportunity to meet with enrollment and financial advisors, and attend the Campus Church and daily chapel. We’ll make sure they have some fun, too, by visiting the on-campus water park, rock wall, and other activities in the Sports Center, watching some collegian sports, and maybe taking a quick trip to dip our toes in the white sands of Pensacola Beach.


We believe this is a great opportunity for our teens and would be grateful for any amount that you could donate for this trip. The amount given below will be divided up among everyone participating in the trip.